Word of the Year: Give
01 January 2015 | comments [0] |

I've read a great many things over the course of 2014, and nothing sets my heart on fire more than being able to help others that are truly in need. I don't know how to explain it other than it's the most incredible and indescribable feeling you get inside when you can bless others the way God intended you to.

So instead of hopelessly instituting New Year Resolutions, which I abolished a few years ago, I've started focusing on a single word over the course of the year. For 2015, I'm choosing the word "GIVE". I saw an amazing clip on Facebook in November of last year; it was a clip of Michael Jr. Comedy explaining "I Like Laughter" - his take on the charitible organization I Like Giving. He goes on to explain how during a comedy gig, something inside him just turned a switch on - something that made him want to give what he could with the talents he had. His callout: #BeThePunchline.

Now I am certainly not a comedian, but his interview hit a chord with me. God does certainly work in strange ways because under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't have clicked on the link to watch the video in the first place. But with that in mind, I feel a calling to be more than I am, to help others, to GIVE of myself with what God so generously gave to me.