2013 Recap
12 March 2014 | comments [0] | back to posts

It's already March and I'm already behind, or so it seems. Rest assured, I'm coming back in 2014 with a renewed sense of vigour and a great many more updates on babies, toddlers, our home, and my new business ventures. Here's a recap of everything that happened last year and hopefully you'll understand why it seemed like I went on sabatical for awhile.

To say the very least, 2013 has been a blessed and unbelievably chaotic and wild ride!

This January, I was able to visit Rick in Doha, Qatar while he was there on business. It was the first time I'd been away from Orion for more than a day or two, but 17 hours later, I was in vacation mode. It was also the first real vacation I'd had since Rick and I went to Hawaii in 2011. Even though Rick was working, he still was able to surprise me with a dinner at Ramsay (one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants). People can say what they'd like about the man, but he is an incredibly inspired and amazing chef! Doha turns out to be a great place for a vacation, but it would take a miracle for me to move there, despite its westernization efforts.

In February, we got the good news that we were pregnant! After an awful first trimester (no surprise there), we got the news in June that God was blessing us with a little girl. So it was off to start the new nursery in what was our guest bedroom. Decorating for girls is almost better than boys - my inspiration: woodland faeries.

However, in July and August, Rick was getting restless and got the notion to look at other homes, preferably with mountain views. I thought this fairly innocuous since we had talked about it before and nothing came to fruition, so I played along and let him look. Me being pregnant just emphasized the fact that I was quite comfortable in my cozy home in Golden. But as his searches progressed, the thought crossed our minds to look at a land with the potential to build later on.

In August, we went to Texas and towards the end of our trip, Rick found a log cabin up around the area we were interested in buying land and scheduled a viewing for when we got back. Log cabins aren't my thing, but again, humoring my husband, I went along for the ride. The pictures online hardly did the house justice; the Amish-built log home was amazing to look at, and the views were incredible! What we thought were nice views from the property below didn't hold a candle to what we could see from the back porch at this house! (The cabin was literally up the hill from the property we were looking at.) Having been built in 1986 (and still mostly original), the entire inside needed a gut job, but with my addiction to HGTV, all I could see was potential. This home was truly a diamond in the rough.

After having our offer accepted, we put our house on the market three weeks later. Getting the house ready with a toddler undoing everything you've done (and then some) was quite a challenge, but the efforts were worth it as we had buyers the first day!

September was a nightmare. While we were trying to pack our lives in boxes, the ensuing storms flooded our basement and the financing for the new house fell through after it was approved because the bank finally looked at the property and said they didn't finance special interest homes (i.e. Log Homes). Additionally, there were a number of issues that were not included in our seller's contract that we specifically addressed before we agreed to anything. These stipulations that failed to get in the contract would've left us homeless if the right conditions arose. And Rick sold the Viper, saying that he had his fun. Truth be told, the driveway at the log home wasn't paved and it would've ruined the car. This all happening 2 weeks before closing! At 8-1/2 months pregnant, if moving homes wasn't enough stress, this would've been the straw that broke the camel's back. God is truly amazing when it comes to things like this because throughout most of this experience, I was unnaturally calm.

October. We close and move in the same day. Boxes are everywhere. When I'm supposed to be nesting, I'm trying to make our home livable. But the Friday we moved in it snowed quite a bit and per our seller, the propane tank was very low. That wasn't an issue until we looked at the tank and it was completely empty. Well, propane companies won't fill a tank that is being leased out by another company and emergency services are only available to current customers; new accounts can't be activated on the weekends. So the first few days we had no heat. This was rectified on Monday, but our pilot light was out and we didn't feel comfortable lighting it on a boiler system we were completely unfamiliar with. Our propane guy was nice enough to show us how and proceeded to light ours. Warm water was nice afterwards, but then everything went cold again. The pilot light wasn't out, but we were baffled as to why it wasn't working. The following day we had a plumber come out and he explained it was lucky our house didn't catch fire since the propane guy failed to put a piece back on the boiler correctly and burned all the wires that connect it to the piping system. All of the October problems were resolved within a couple of weeks, and then we had family come to visit. We had family visiting about every other week until Thanksgiving! To all that came up, thank you so incredibly much for your help! To everyone else, please come up/over for a visit; we would love to see you!

November first finally rolls around and we're called in that afternoon to induce. At 8:25 pm, our little Aela Gay was born, coming in at 21" and 9 pounds 3.3 ounces. She is doing spectacularly and is an amazing baby! I'm thankful for the week early induction because she was on par to be larger than Orion, and I wasn't about to do that again!

But now it's December and our year is coming to a close, and we couldn't be more thankful that we're finally settling into our home (though there are still a number of boxes upstairs that need unpacking). We're also thankful that Doha is not in the foreseeable future, as that case closed just this month. Lesson learned in 2013: don't move when you're 8 months pregnant. We have quite a hefty goal list for 2014, but now that it seems the worst of some particular matters are behind us, and we're very much looking forward to what 2014 will bring!