More Yard Goodies
11 June 2013 | comments [0] |

Per my last post, I said there were other yard things I was working on getting accomplished. We're still in the process of painting the deck; and this is just a makeshift ordeal until we can get the deck replaced. In the process of trying to open up the back yard, we decided to take the rails off of the deck, and slowly but surely, we were getting them removed through the trash pickup. However, this left two fairly long rails that I really didn't feel like taking a chainsaw to, so instead of getting rid of them, I decided to repurpose them in the side yard. Trellis for the wisteria? Why yes, thank you! This is still a small work in progress, but so far I'm very pleased with the results. Other updates for the side yard include a paved path and some nifty upcycled bottles-turned-torches I'm planning on attaching to the side of the house. But why bother with a path? Because when you're hauling tools back and forth from the garage, it's a WHOLE lot easier on a flat and even surface. Additionally, it's tough to push a wheelbarrow through the river rocks, and all but treacherous in the winter.

In a Facebook post last month, I recall mentioning about all the fun things I have going in my garden this year. I'm still stoked about it! So far I have Dr. Wychee heirloom tomatoes, Cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, (and a couple of other varieties), Queen heirloom acorn squash, yellow squash, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, poblano chiles (which when dried become ancho chiles), heirloom raspberries, Jersey blueberries, Cabot strawberries, Elan strawberries, miniature pumpkins, Fairytale heirloom pumpkins, (another variety of pumpkin), onions, a peach or nectarine tree I found in the compost, as well as some volunteer honeydew melons and potatoes! And in my container herb garden, I have heirloom basil, Tuscan Blue rosemary, garlic, chives, scallions, thyme, sage, and oregano! I hope the garden yields well this year!

And I was very pleased to have finished this project last Thursday: my hydrangea bed. It doesn't look like much for planting now, but the hydrangeas that are in are all shades of purpley fuschias and dark periwinkles and blues. I will be so excited once these beauties grow in and bush out!

As for the rest of the yard, my 'May Night' salvia is in full bloom, my roses have tons of buds, my lilacs already bloomed for the season, the delphinium are coming out in all their glory, my lupines came back, and the peonies I ordered last fall are all starting to bloom. Here's my sorbet peony (and you can only imagine how good it smells!):

So here's to all you greenthumbs and gardeners - I hope you have a fantastic planting season!