It's Been Awhile...
09 June 2013 | comments [0] |

...but SOOOOOO much has happened!

In my 4-month hiatus, a whole number of things have happened in and around the house. For starters, just after my last post in February, we got pregnant, so Orion will be a big brother around November 8 of this year. The morning sickness was bad this go around, so I really didn't do a whole lot at all for about 3 months. But we are so happy and excited to be doing this again! So far, the baby's looking good, and at around 12 weeks was sucking its thumb in utero.

One thing we did manage to do this year during my first trimester was get a hot tub. We had it installed in early March, and it was a great comfort for Rick during the snowy season (which lasted until May!!), and now that the weather is warmer, we're all able to enjoy some good-quality relaxing family time. Who knew Orion was a natural swimmer?

I've been doing a lot of stuff around the house, as well (especially once the second trimester kicked in). A number of these things were derivatives of ideas from Pinterest, naturally, and a few others I actually had the ingenuity to do myself! What's this? People can think on their own? Why yes, yes they can. However, when it comes to cooking, I like a recipe first before I alter it! So I went out and bought some decent, and rather large, hanging baskets. My previous ones were pretty, but the wrapped moss went brittle after a couple of years and they fell apart. Now it's coconut liners and a quick tutorial on how to do a professional hanging basket. Yes, I did get this from Pinterest, but it was well worth the implementation, especially if they look as amazing as I'm hoping later this summer!

Another thing I've been working on, and my sister so graciously helped me semi-complete, was my corner garden. I've been a little OCD about GMOs, and consequently, have been doing some research as to how exactly they affect you. I'd probably feel better about some of them, but then the science companies go and modify the DNA with strains of bacteria found in pesticides. The general thought here is: if this GMO will kill a living creature (be it a pest or not), what do you think it will do to humans? Exactly. No thank you. So enter in my corner garden with my heirloom and local trusted farmer plants. I'll delve into the nastiness of Monsanto later, but for the record, when I first started talking about it, I was absolutely amazed at the number of people who either didn't know about GMOs or didn't care. But I digress...

Presently, we're in the process of painting our decks and other fun yard goodies, so I will post some pictures of the finished product and the 6-month early birthday present Rick got for me :)

Over the last month-and-a-half, I've been on this baking frenzy. We'll blame it on hormones, cravings, and watching WAY too much Food Network during my first trimester. I've made 1) Cream Scones, 2) the Barefoot Contessa's Sticky Buns, 3) Colorado Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies, 4) Oatmeal Brandy Raisin Cookies, 5) Banana Bread, and 6) Robert Irvine's Black Forest Cake. Good stuff!

And lastly, last night was date night! Rick and I haven't been out since September, so this has been a long time coming. We went to Elway's - our favorite place for amazing steak! And afterwards we went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. Again, amazing! For never having watched the original movies or the series (save a random episode or two), it was awesome to watch a new take on an old classic. Additionally, I'm officially in love with Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. Couldn't be happier that he gets to play Smaug this December!