07 February 2013 | comments [0] |

Rick had a work-related trip out to Doha, Qatar the majority of the last month and asked if I could come along for a week. New place? Chance to use my passport? Absolutely! Granted, I was a little nervous about the destination, but after having been, it's not nearly as intimidating. I apologize for not keeping in contact with so many people last month; it was a bit of a whirlwind trying to get everything together and making arrangements for this trip. I'm putting together an album on my site so you can see some of the pictures from the trip, but in this post I've got the highlights.

1. Reverse self portrait - getting the tan on; 2. Appetizers at Gordon Ramsay; 3. Looking towards the Souq from the Museum of Islamic Art; 4. Doha at night from the Corniche; 5. Downtown under construction; 6. Dinner at Gordon Ramsay; 7. Duck Confit Tortelloni in Beef Broth; Downtown through the arches; 9. Yes, that is a Lay's bag in Arabic.

In a few days I'll have the pictures from my trip on my albums page and an account of my trip. Have a fantastic day!