Secondhand Finds
25 August 2012 | comments [0] | back to posts

Last Wednesday I went up to Longmont to see my cousin Beth and her adorable little boy Gavin. Beth was telling me about this periodic event called "Just Between Friends" and asked if I wanted to go. Sure, why not? The best way to describe this thing is like a giant consignment fair. Imagine Garden Ridge Pottery, but full of decent used goods. Insane! I actually went to this feeling rather skeptical, but came out feeling pretty good about my purchases. I think I surprised myself since I wasn't planning on buying anything.

So I ended up finding an awesome, almost new diaper bag by Columbia. This one has a plethora of pockets and nifty places to put things, as well as a zip top. Dual use: diaper bag now, travel bag for Orion later. It looks just like a mini duffel bag. It's smaller than my current one AND it fits more stuff. How that's physically possible, I'm not sure.

And I also found these adorable, and again almost new, burp towels. Funny... I've discovered I need more of them now than when Orion was a newborn.