My Little Vampire
22 August 2012 | comments [0] | back to posts

Teething is SO much fun... the crankiness, the multiple wake-ups in the night, enough baby Tylenol to put an elephant down. At least my child has made it interesting. Who wants to pop incisors when you can get your eye teeth? Well, okay, they aren't really eye teeth, but they look like it. We were kind of hoping that he wouldn't get any other teeth before Halloween (I know, we're a little weird), but clearly that's not going to be an option. His two front teeth are budding now and any day they'll break the surface. Poor guy, 4 teeth in a month. OUCH!

On a somewhat less exciting note, I'm finally free to eat whatever I want - my beloved cheese, I've missed you so! Turns out stress can work a number on your body, so Orion is now on formula especially made (and especially priced) for the cow's milk allergy. Lucky for me, he's been drinking it like it's going out of style, so needless to say, this is a HUGE relief. Hopefully it will only be until Christmas - we find out in November. Please say some prayers for the little guy, and thank you in advance!

CGY: 10 squash, 9 raspberries