Early Fall?
20 August 2012 | comments [0] | back to posts

Rick has started up his running again in the park and told me the other day that it looks like the trees were starting to change color. I told him that it's been a pretty dry year, so that's probably what was causing it. Then two days ago I snapped this pic from my bedroom window.

That's very much NOT park, but rather my neighbor's backyard. Then it dawned on me, "duh, everything's irrigated." A little more research into this early fall color suggests that we're in for a LONG winter. Gee, there are worse things in life, especially after a record-breaking hot summer! BRING ON THE COLD!!

And to my sweet little boy - HAPPY 8 MONTHS OLD TODAY! You are so loved, and your Mommy and Daddy can't imagine a world without you!