Corner Garden
18 August 2012 | comments [0] | back to posts

One of the lovely things about having a little yard is that you can plant what you want. Organic produce is can be really pricy at the grocery store, so the thought occurs to me "duh, why don't you plant your own garden?" I tried my hand at tomatoes last year in the first tier terrace, but only yielded 2. Not sure what was up with that. I've been doing container gardening since I lived in College Station, and finally this past June, I was able to get a nice little corner garden planted.

We decided to go with some of Orion's favorites and planted 3 squash plants, which are doing wonderfully! I was also able to transplant my green onions, which were grown from produce at the store, as well as a turnip plant, some potatoes, some garlic, and the random pumpkin seed that managed to sprout from my compost area. Compost is fun... you never know what you'll find! I also found an heirloom tomato called a "German Queen" that is putting on some nice tomatoes, and I planted one of the Romas from seed that I had started; it also has some nice tomatoes growing. At a farmer's market about a month-ish ago, I found an heirloom raspberry plant, and I also planted some green bell peppers and some red bell peppers. Here's hoping to a moderately bountiful crop that will salvage a little of my grocery bill. Silly, perhaps, but this is something I LOVE (though I'll never quite be as into it as my Dad).

Current Garden Yield: 9 squash, 6 raspberries (not including the one the garden burglar got)