08 August 2012 | comments [0] | back to posts

After much debate, redesigning and child-rearing, I've finally combined my blog site and my professional site into one website... supposedly this is less to maintain (we'll see). But the premise on which I'm relaunching is the fact that so much stuff seems to be going on and I'm aching to blog about it again. I think one reason I've been putting it off is because I'm manually going through and trying to reconfigure the archives and all the pages I'd like to incorporate into the website. It's a bit overwhelming, and unfortunately, when things seems so monumental I have a bad tendency to digress and put it on the back burner. A bad habit which motherhood is rectifying in its own sink-or-swim kind of way. At any rate, I wanted to at least get my blog stuff up and running again. The rest of the website will follow in time, so bear with the broken links and incomplete pages. Have a great day!